Prisma App Download For Android. In present days taking pictures and uploading them to Instagram and other social networking websites has become a trend. Most of us use Instagram along with its filters being applied to images you uploaded. But, now an app named Prisma has taken over it. Also Read: Play the best game [...]

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WhatsApp For Samsung Galaxy & Bada: WhatsApp is the widely used messaging app on any smartphone platform such as IOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian, etc. WhatsApp has recorded 600 million users throughout the world. A lot of different apps similar to WhatsApp were made and introduced into the market like Hike, BBM (Blackberry Messenger). [...]

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// Thanks for visiting our website. Your file will start downloading in 5 Sec ... If the download doesn't start automatically, please use below button to download PRISMA APP. Prisma App is not working properly :( :( . They've closed beta testing)Please be patient!! :(  . The App is officially launched on 24th July and It [...]

Google Allo for Android is one of the best conversation apps. It allows for easy, productive and expressive conversation. You can start a conversation without leaving the context and app. With the help of Google Assistant, you can get an answer, reply without leaving the conversation and find information. Also, download PokeMon App and Pokevision [...]

The most viral messaging app currently in the globe is the Whatsapp messaging app. Just after it launched, since the date this app has gained the popularity at a galloping rate. Whatsapp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app. It allows an individual to exchange messages without paying extra, unlike the regular messaging regulation. Even [...]

If you are fond of watching TV shows and movies, then Terrarium TV App is for you. If you have an Android device, then you can watch all HD Shows, movies and more on Android device using Terrarium TV. Download Terrarium TV Apk as it provides all types of movies and shows which allow you [...]

Towelroot is a very small application which helps you to root your Android device. It does the process in less time and with just a tap. Once you install the app, just click on the button and it would root your Android device. With Towelroot APK it would be simple and there is no need [...]

Pokemon Go has become the favorite game in recent days. People are supposed to walk around to catch Pokemon. But, if you are trying to get more and out of Pokemon Go, then this article is for you. There are various websites and apps, which help you to find Pokemon using Pokemon Go live map. [...]

Pokemon Go App allows you to catch Pokemon in your location when you start moving with your mobile. There is no chance of finding Pokemon without moving and that is all the game about. But, this is also the problem as we need to move to find and catch Pokemon. So, here comes PokeVision which helps [...]

Pokemon Go has released recently, and it has become the most addicted game. People started playing this game with most anxiety and trying to catch as many Pokemon as they want. It is an Augmented Reality game which allows you to move around the real world and catch Pokemon. Read: Pokemon Go Cheats, Prisma App [...]

FastPokeMap is the Pokemon tracking service which tracks Pokemon around your area and it works perfectly. You need to give it a try today and as we all know that Niantic is shutting down all other services which work like Pokemon tracker. They have a valid reason for doing so and if you have used [...]

Pokemon Go is the popular Augmented Reality game for Android. It has become very famous in less time. There are many supporting Android apps to give you the excellent experience playing Pokemon Go. In the same wave, we are back with another app which helps you to play Pokemon Go and catch all of Pokemon [...]

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular games which do not need any introduction. This game is being played by many, and so there are many issues. One of the most common problems being faced by many of the players is not logging into Pokemon Go account. Many users are facing problem logging into [...]

Pokemon Go game has become much popular, and it does not require any introduction. People are on their way to catch as many Pokemon as they can whenever they get the time. There are many supporting apps from Pokemon Go users to help them in catching Pokemon in their surroundings. If you get any Errors [...]

Messenger for Pokemon GO Free Download for Android: Pokemon GO App has become the most popular game around the globe, and there are millions of downloads till date. I am sure that no one is not aware of this game. People are becoming crazy with this game as it deals with the real time world. [...]

Pokémon Go game does not require any introduction. Niantic developed it, and it was a huge hit. People around the globe are already busy in catching Pokémon in every place, and all are with the aim to catch all Pokémons as soon as possible. Every one of us knows one or the other trick, and [...]

Pokemon Go Plus the wearable device which allows you to play Pokemon Go without looking at your mobile. Pokemon Go game for Android and iOS has become a huge hit in less time. But to play this game, you need to watch your mobile catch Pokemon. If you think, there is no way other than [...]

Poke Radar APK is the best app and Pokémon finding tool which helps you to show locations where you can find Pokemons. If you are playing Pokémon Go, then you would have experienced the difficulty to find Pokemons when you cross levels by levels. Using Poke Radar for Pokémon Go is very simple. Pokemon Radar [...]

In present days we are hearing one or the other dreadful disease all over the globe. We have come across many such dangerous diseases and in present technology days, we need to have some or the other way to get to know the spread of such diseases and need to monitor or stop them. To do that, GermTracker is the project started by Humanaut with the collaboration of

Team is really doing well in predicting the spread of germs or diseases with the health related Tweets. Yes, GermTracker project looks for every health related tweet in Twitter and will come to a conclusion of the area which may get sick with that disease. Let us know more about it.

Germ Tracker by Humanaut

GermTracker Analyses Health Related Tweets

There is no way to know where the germs go next and to track common health symptoms as they keep on spreading. GermTracker analyses the health related tweets shared on Twitter. It makes use of Twitter to forecast diseases and germs in real time. Humanaut partnered with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence along with using language learning AI programs to analyze health related tweets and finds out the risk of getting sick currently in your area.

GermTracker helps in,

  • Monitoring the areas which may get affected and getting sick.
  • Can alert authorities regarding new outbreaks.
  • It allows to spread awareness regarding new outbreaks.
  • Helps to reduce the affect.
  • Can be used to strengthen the surveillance by knowing the geographical location.
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