Pokemon Go Plus Review, Release Date and More About It

Pokemon Go Plus the wearable device which allows you to play Pokemon Go without looking at your mobile. Pokemon Go game for Android and iOS has become a huge hit in less time. But to play this game, you need to watch your mobile catch Pokemon.

If you think, there is no way other than playing this game; then you are wrong. You can play Pokemon game without watching your mobile using the Pokemon Go Plus device. Here comes the Pokemon Go Plus device, which allows you to play the Pokemon GO game with no need of watching your mobile.

Pokemon Go Plus is a wearable device which flashes the LED lights and vibrates a little when you come across Pokemon, PokeStops and in more cases without looking your mobile device.

Pokemon Go Plus

Pokemon Go Plus Lets You Know When Pokemon is Near By

When you come across the Pokemon, then Pokemon Go Plus flashes the LED light, and it vibrates a little. It will let you know when the Pokemon is nearby. It all does this as Pokemon Go Plus device connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. So, whenever Pokemon is nearby you, then you can catch the Pokemon without looking at your smartphone.

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Catch Pokemon with Pokemon Go Plus Wearable Device

As told Pokemon Go Plus lets you know when there is a Pokemon nearby vibrating, you need to tap on the button to throw the Pokeball. You can also look at the mobile, but it is not necessary. Just tapping the button of Pokemon Go Plus button lets you catch Pokemon without looking at your phone. Device vibrates to let you know about the successful capture of Pokemon.

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Pokemon Go Plus Lets You Know When PokeStops are Near By

You would also find out when there are PokeStops nearby using Pokemon Go Plus device. The device would blink or vibrate when PokeStops are n near your range. Just tap on the Pokemon Go Plus button to look at the items and swipe or tap to buy things from PokeStops.

Pokemon Go Plus Release Date and Price

  • Update: PokeMon Go is available now.
  • There was no official release date of Pokemon Go Plus, and it would be sold for $34.99. You can buy Pokemon Go Plus from Nintendo store and Amazon.

Pokemon Go Plus Overall Features

  • Pokemon Go Plus is the wearable device.
  • Now there will not be battery drain out problems while playing Pokemon Go game
  • It supports both Android and iPhone
  • Catch Pokemon without looking at your smartphone.
  • It allows you to play Pokemon Go game without the need of looking at your phone.
  • Connects to your smart mobile via Bluetooth.

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