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PubG For Windows 10 PC Download: No one knows when the internet like what and why. PubG is a game that has been trending on the internet. The gamers are going crazy for this game and the popularity of PubG is highly contagious as the gamers playing this game have been increasing rapidly every day. So, here we are dedicating an entire article to PubG. This article is not only a step-to-step guide on how to download PubG for PC, but also focuses on the FAQs related to the game.

download pubg for pc

What is PubG?

It is a Multiplayer and Adventure Shooting online battle royal game developed by PUBG Corporation. PubG stands for PlayerUnknown Battleground. It is a subsidiary of a publisher from Korea Bluehole.

PubG was initially released for Android users on 16 Match 2018 exclusively for Canada. Four days later, it was released on 20 March 2018 worldwide. The download process became much easier than during its first release.

The game gained huge popularity ever since and people started searching PubG for Windows 10. There is a reason for this. This is mostly played on Xbox and an average user finds it difficult to find PubG for Windows.

How To Play PubG

Playing this game is plain simple and it only gets interesting as of keep on playing. In PubG, there will be around 100-120 people to fight each other for the sake of domination. This genre of the game is known as the Online Battle Royale.

The game begins with the players being thrown into a plane after which the players are flown across an island in a random trail. There is only one winner out of the 100 players. That’s right. The user goes against the rest of the 99 players who are thrown off the plane randomly. As the game begins, you have to start looking like your life is depended on it (Oh yes it does). As the game goes on, you have to play sneaky and kill the other players to get their loot. The last man standing by the end of the game is the winner and he is invited for a Chicken Dinner.

The moment when you win the game is an unforgettable accomplishment after all the nervous tension and the adrenaline rush. This is one of the major reasons why the game has been widely popular. Being a winner of the game after beating 99 people, that’s something!

Download Free PubG for PC

If you are here to download PubG for PC free, then truth be told, let me tell you that is not available for free of cost at the moment. But you can play the game by buying it from the online gaming store Steam. The process to buy and download PubG on Steam is very simple.

According to a news report, PubG is a third highest earning game on Steam. It made some huge revenues of 11 million dollars in the first three days after its release. It was downloaded by more than a million users by the second week. Thus, it entered into the Top 10 games of the world in terms of revenue. That says a lot about its popularity. PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds received many positive reviews right from its initial release last year. The developers focused more on fixing the bugs and increasing the servers to play the game worldwide and their effort to make it better is appreciable!

Before moving on to how to download PubG for PC, let me tell you how to download it on Android phones. Downloading PubG on Android is plain simple. All you have to do is to open the Google Play Store and search for PubG. Select the game and click on install.

There seems only one issue with this and it is with space. It occupies almost 1.3GB on your phone. If your phone could bare that space, download and install it to play this awesome game. A caution before download PubG is to turn the Wi-Fi to save your mobile data.

Step-by-step Process To Download PubG for PC

Well, we have reached to the end of the article. Here is the step-by-step process to download PubG for PC. Just follow these steps.

  1. Go to the game download store, Steam.
  2. Register yourself in the Steam.
  3. After completing the registration process, go to the search bar and type PubG.
  4. Results in the Steam shows PubG.
  5. You are almost there. Click on PubG and then select a payment method to buy the game.
  6. Make the transaction to buy PubG. Downloading starts automatically after the transaction is done.
  7. That is, it! You are done with downloading the game now. Play against the 99 members and see yourself triumphing PubG and get yourself invited for a Chicken Dinner!

This is all from us on how to download PubG for PC. Have we missed anything? Please do let us know in the comments section below. Also, comment on your scores. Let us see who looted more and got invited for a chicken dinner. 😉

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