New Features For WhatsApp iPhone version

WhatsApp has greatly revolutionized the way people communicate as it allows users to communicate across platforms using its powerful messaging platform. Subscribers of this messaging platform have increased exponentially over the years making it one of the most popular messaging application in recent years.

WhatsApp has taken its dominance a notch higher by releasing additional new features on all iOS devices. The new features seek to greatly improve user experience and are proving to be quite popular with users. There are a total of 9 new features that have been added to WhatsApp to improve ease of use and user privacy. They really help.

WhatsApp Releases New Features For Iphone

WhatsApp users on iOS devices will be able to upgrade from the old version of WhatsApp and thus be able to enjoy features such as setting up custom notifications for each individual contact on their contact list, users will be able to back up their videos, they will be able to mute charts, users will also be able to share with their contacts the exact location where they are by using Apple maps e.t.c.

Indeed this is one of the most comprehensive upgrade done on WhatsApp in recent years. Users will be amazed at the features introduced. Below is a comprehensive list of new features of WhatsApp iPhone version;

Video Backups:

The old WhatsApp only allowed users to back up their images and chats only. WhatsApp has upgraded by allowing users to be able to back up videos. To do this all you have to do is go to settings then choose chats and calls, you then choose chat back up and enable videos in the menu. This is a very cool feature for users seeking to back up videos from their chats so as to enjoy them later.

Custom Notifications:

The older version of WhatsApp only has a standard notification for all your contacts. If you are looking forward to upgrading your WhatsApp messenger then the good news is that you can now customize chat notifications for individual contacts in you contact list. So whenever a new chat comes you will be able to know exactly which person has sent the message without opening WhatsApp.

Mark Chats Read/Unread:

WhatsApp has introduced an amazing feature that works the same way as the mark as read or read feature in emails. Users will simply swipe their messages to the right where they will be allowed to mark the message as read or read. This feature is normally used whenever a user is busy and cannot respond to the chat at that particular time. The user will then be able to get back to the chat on a later date and find it quite easily. Quite a good addition to WhatsApp I must say.

It is important to note that when you mark a conversation as Unread WhatsApp will show you blue ticks in order to let you differentiate which conversations you have marked. These blue ticks will not be visible to the sender of the message at this time. This is quite convenient.

Share Contacts And Location

Users who upgrade to this latest version will be able to enjoy this feature. Users can be able to share contacts with each other quite easily. Users are able to share any contact directly from their contact list on their phone to WhatsApp. This feature also allows you to share your location with contacts you are chatting with. All you have to do is simply go to share then you will be able to share your exact location using Apple maps. It is also worth noting that the location thumb nail tends to appear larger to allow your users view your location easily.

Mute Chats:

For those users who have had a not so pleasant experience with people who are annoying on chats well this feature is just for you. The mute chat feature simply allows you to do just that. You can silence a group or an individual on your WhatsApp list therefore saving you the problem of dealing with all those annoying notifications.

Auto Load Older Chats

One annoying feature about the older WhatsApp messenger is that when scrolling up you are always asked to tap in order to view older messages in cases where they are a lot of older messages. WhatsApp has taken care of this in its new update by always automatically reloading messages whenever you scroll up.

Reduce use of Data on Calls

Using WhatsApp data on calls can be quite expensive for people who are used to using the WhatsApp voice feature. The new reduce data usage on calls feature is a feature that allows users save a lot on data bundles. The feature allows users to set a minimum data usage in order to use less data bundles. This possible since it consumes less bundle hence is cheaper in the long run. This feature will reduce the cost incurred while making voice calls tremendously. Users are however required to activate this feature before they use it. In order to activate the feature you simply go to settings and choose chats and calls. You then choose low data usage and you are good to go.

Better Photo And Video Cropping:

WhatsApp has also taken the photo and video presentation a notch higher by introducing a feature that lets you rotate your images through different angles improving the overall look and feel.

Voice over support feature

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature that has greatly improved screen reading features that are gesture based. This is quite convenient.

All apple users can upgrade to the new WhatsApp messaging platform by simply visiting I Tunes. These features will completely change the way you are accustomed to using WhatsApp as they greatly improve the ease of use of the application. The whatsapp team has simply gone out of their way to come up with these additional features that allows users more privacy and better ease of use. Once you install the updates you are good to go.

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