12 Best Ways to Access Blocked WebSites in Schools/Colleges/Office

In many schools and workplaces, the administration is likely to block numerous interpersonal communication and other sites because of different reasons. Indeed, even our most popular and loved destinations like FACEBOOK, TWITTER, GMAIL, MYSPACE, HI5, and FRIENDSTER are getting obstructed nowadays. Social networking sites which are normally very vibrant in places of work and school have specifically been targeted because of the popular cry that they waste a lot of time.This article will inform you of some conceivable approach on how to access blocked sites in school/office.

access blocked sites

1. Use of Proxy websites to get to blocked sites.

Instead of straightforwardly uniting with the sites that are hindered at your place, you will first associate with a Proxy server which will divert to the blocked site and you can get to them effectively. The proxy literally acts as an intermediary.There are numerous intermediary sites accessible on web, I can give you a gigantic rundown of them. Be that as it may, these are some of the most broadly utilized online intermediaries.

  • http://www.hidemyass.com
  • http://www.spysurfing.com
  • http://kproxy.com/index.jsp
  • http://proxify.com/
  • http://www.proxymouse.com
  • Recently I have written a small tutorial on WhatsApp for laptop Have a look at that one.

2. Use Tor Browser to surf .

You can only get to static websites if you utilize the above system and not dynamic websites such as Facebook, twitter, MYSPACE… and so on in light of the fact that social networking destinations utilizes programs to store cookies. It can not be achieved when using these Proxy sites. To use Tor,you will have first have to download it https://www.torproject.org/download/download into your computer.From the website,you will be able to figure out how its used.

3. Hola Browser extension to unblock sites.

Hola is a Browser extension accessible in every well known program used to surf the internet, by utilizing this extension ,you can scan on web secretly. Simply check the official site of http://hola.org and introduce the browser extension into your computer from that point. If you want to increase internal memory in your android phone you should read this one.

4. Use Proxy IP address in program settings.

Few of the browsers allow use of the PROXY IP address in them. To use this method,you require Mozilla fire fox web browser and a Proxy IP address. In your Mozilla Firefox program open the OPTIONS box and click on ADVANCED. Beneath the CONNECTIONS select SETTINGS. Click on MANUAL PROXY SETTINGS and enter the PROXY IP address. The proxy Ip address will help you browse remotely.

5. Access Blocked sites by Using Wayback Machine.

Wayback Machine is a way which we can access the previous Look of any site from its files. Enter the URL of the blocked site and you can even get to the past forms of the site that are obstructed at your Place.

6. Use IP address rather than domain name

Offices and schools block sites by utilizing some software’s where they enter URL’s of the Websites they have to square out.That makes it impossible for any user to access any website that has been listed in this software’s. However,you can access this websites if you enter the IP address of the websites.

  1. To find the IP address of the website just open your command prompt on your Windows PC by pressing WIN+R > type CMD > hit ENTER. Now in the Command prompt just enter the following code.
  2. Ping website.com (enter the blocked website in the place of website.com).
  3. Now enter that IP address on your browser and you can access the BLOCKED websites.

7. Open Blocked locales utilizing decimal code.

By utilizing the decimal numbers you can get to any blocked sites, in light of the fact that none will even block the IP address in decimal. To get the decimal code of IP location utilizing http://www.allredroster.com/iptodec.htm.

For instance IP location of google is can utilize the decimal organization rather HTTP://1249766560

8. Take help of Google store

Google stores the cache of every last site or regularly visited site. You can get to the reserve of any site utilizing googles old CACHE. Simply hunt down the BLOCKED site which you need to open and click on the CACHE link below the search results.

9. Utilizing Translation web administrations

There are numerous sites on GOOGLE – TRANSLATE and BING – TRANSLATE l which will change over the entire page starting with one language then onto the next. Enter the URL of the blocked site in those web page and convert the page into another language. From this you can change over the entire page into another language and can get to it.

10. Scanning on HTTPS association

HTTPS is protocol for secure communication over a computer where information will be encoded. This trap will work in numerous universities and schools (This trap even worked in my Collage). Rather than utilizing HTTP use HTTPS and attempt to get to the site. Try to visit http://www.google.com then attempt https://www.google.com and attempt to get to the site.

11. Open blocked sites Using URL shorteners

Typically URL shorteners are utilized to abbreviate the length of the long sites. By utilizing such locales you can sidestep the security and access the sites. Take a stab at utilizing http://tinyurl.com and http://www.moourl.com

12. Get an email of the website page utilizing web2mail

http://www.web2mail.com/lite/welcome.php is a free website which will let you acess the mail of any website page that you asked. Check the site for more subtle elements. You can get any blocked site as mail to you and then access them VIA your email.

13. Use VPN programming’s and Unblock sites

VPN programming’s will let you browse remotely, you simply need to download and introduce them on your PC. There are both paid and free VPN programming’s accessible. Here are the best three VPN programming’s that will permit you to blocked sites.

  1. HotspotShield VPN
  2. TunnelBear Vpn
  3. ProX

Regardless of where you are, at school, at school, at home, or at office or whatever other system, web filtering is imperative in the matter of hindering certain sites and some web content . There are numerous advantages of using software filters.But incase you need some of the blocked sites,those are some of the ways on how to access blocked sites in school/office.

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