Xender APK Download For Android – Latest Version

Xender App for Android allows you to share files to mobile or PC. It does not require any internet connection or a wired connection. You can transfer files with high speed from one device to another instrument. It has the good user interface and easy to access all settings. You can access the files from your computer by connecting through QR Code. Download Xender Apk latest version using below links.

Xender app allows you to send any files like documents, videos, audio and more. The speed of the transfer is 200 times faster the speed of Bluetooth. You do not require USB Connection or PC Installation. You can transfer files without any internet connection.

Xender APK Download for Android

Xender app download for Android allows you to send files anywhere and at any time. You do not require USB Connection, no internet connection, and no data usage. It allows you to transfer any file documents, audio, video and more. Xender App free download.

Xender app allows you to send unlimited size files and does not worry about the size of data as before and with other apps. Xender supports cross-platform, and you can transfer files to Windows, Android, MAC, and combination of all of them. It also has the file manager where you can play music and videos. Download Xender For Android.

Xender allows you to transfer data from your old phone to the new phone. You can transfer contacts, SMS, music, videos, pictures and more from old to new phone. You can manage files you received. It allows you to delete and make the backup of files access them in some situations. You can get Xender for PC also.


Xender Version History

  1. The Updated version of Xender Android App is 4.2.6. It is released on December-1-2018. The next major release 4.3.0 is planned to be launched somewhere in mid-2019.

Pros of Xender App For Android

  • Transfer files with high speed
  • No need of USB Cables, internet connection and data usage
  • User Interface is easy to use, and all features are easily accessible
  • Able to send large files and there is no limitation
  • Xender supports cross-platform
  • Allows to transfer data from old phone to new phone
  • It has File Manager which allows you to manage files and do the backup of files
  • Just by sliding you can share files
  • Xender App free download for Android allows you to get the file sharing in minutes.

Xender was chosen as the best file sharing app for Android operating system by many techies. This has been helping many users to transfer their videos, images, and many more files with their friends and family. We absolutely love this Xender APk. Hope, you didn’t have any issues while downloading this Application. Feel free to share with your peers.
What’s new in Xender App Version 3.3.1017?

  • ☆ Added New color theme and Updated Xender Logo.
  • ☆ Known Bug fixes.