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The most viral messaging app currently on the globe is the WhatsApp messaging app. Just after it launched, since the date this app has gained the popularity at a galloping rate. WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app.

It allows an individual to exchange messages without paying extra, unlike the regular messaging regulation. Even though this app one can be able to send unlimited messages rather than the usual message which will be charging for per messages.

WhatsApp Apk Download – WhatsApp For Android

Regarding regular words, an individual can be able to send a certain number of messages whereas regarding WhatsApp no such rules. Just one need to have a certified data plan which he or she may be used for browsing or for mailing purpose.

This messaging app is available for almost all types of Open sourced Operating system such as Android, Windows, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, iOS. Download WhatsApp For Samsung Phones.

WhatsApp Download Links For Other OS

Version Updates:

  • The latest released version of WhatsApp is 2.18.380.

It’s obvious that all of us want to install this app. Most of us have already installed, but this article is dedicated to them who immediately wants to connect this jack of all trades. Currently, WhatsApp Updated to 2.16.329 beta.

Depending upon what kind of device you are using, the default app store will be allowing you to download WhatsApp directly. Following list of official stores for different devices: Download WhatsApp Apk Download from below link. It is the latest updated version 2.16.336, 2.16.327, 2.16.325 beta(Supports Video Calls).

WhatsApp Apk Updated Version Features:

  1. File Size: 20.51 MB
  2. Required Android Version: Depends on Android Phone
  3. Version: Varies With Device
  4. Category: Messenger
  5. Interactive Elements: Users interact, Digital purchases
  6. WhatsApp Free Download: Updated version is 2.16.238, Old Versions are 2.16.235, 2.16.234, 2.16.231, 2.17.1.

Now search accordingly to your device an official store. At the top of such store, there will ba a search bar. Type “WhatsApp.” Now hit the enter button. Immediately within seconds, you get to see the results. Be aware that there will be many imitated apps also. WhatsApp Download For Android is Free.

Now run the WhatsApp Apk which shows the green iconic Whatsapp image containing a phone’s receiver. Now tap the “install” button. Afterward, a popup will be appearing.

Now tap the “install” button. Afterward, a popup will be looking containing the terms and conditions related to the usage of such an app. One needs to accept it accordingly after reading it thoroughly.

The app requires individual storage space, network, location and more. Now after accepting sit back and relax as it will be downloaded to your device automatically. Now after completion of the downloading process, another pop up saying that “Whatsapp is safe to open.” Hit the button, and there you go.

      • Now again you have to agree to the terms and conditions related.
      • Next step is, you just need to provide your phone number which is valid.
      • Then the WhatsApp team will be sending you a validation code( text message). Accordingly, type “OK.”
      • Then another pop up will be asking the secret validation code. Either you will be clicking on the link provided at the text message otherwise you can just copy paste the secret code where ever needed.
      • Download WhatsApp For PC
      • Note that the verification process will be only staying for five minutes, exceeding that you need to repeat the whole process again.
      • Now you are ready to go. Just type your name add a profile picture as well as type a status.
      • Now send messages across the globe when you are feeling alone without your special one, or it’s called your overseas daughter to wish her on her birthday without spending that extra penny from your wallet.
      • Enjoy WhatsApp For Android Free Download.

Hope, You’ve enjoyed WhatsApp Download on Your Android OS. This WhatsApp Apk Works on HTC 10, HTC One Series Phones, Samsung Phones, MI, One Plus, Moto G and other Motorola, ASUS phones.

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