VUDU Movies and TV APK Free Download For Android

VUDU Movies and TV for Android allow you to watch movies and TV Shows online for free. You can catch all episodes of your favourite TV Shows right in your app in android. Download VUDU Movies and TV APK for Android and search for movies using the search bar.

Vudu, a company that started off making set up boxes now started distributing films over online to a third party consumer platform. It is also available on a Playstation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, iPad, Android TV, Roku devices and most of the smartphones via the Vudu app for Android and iOS.

Get VUDU Movies and TV app for Android and watch all your favourite movies whenever and wherever you want. VUDU Movies and TV app free download let you watch movies and TV Shows on any device as it supports Google Chromecast. This app has over 10,000 movies and a lot may TV Shows which you can watch for free.

Speaking about the formats, the movies are available in the formats like MPEG -4 and Dolby Digital Plus audio. Apart from them, the other formats that are supported by the app are, High Definition, Full High definition and ultra High Definition or commonly known as UHD or 4K. Standard-definition movies are raised to the range of 1080i/p in terms of resolution and the HD movies are ranked up to 1080p24. Dolby Digital handles the audio and the output is handled by Dolby Digital 5.1, given an option for stereo output. Stereo playback is available for audio for the platforms in HTPC/PC/Mac. The user can adjust for the video displays like in stretched, boxed or zoomed formats based on their television format.

The applications used in Vudu have been developed by the platform called Rich Internet Application, which allows users to access the online content. With the help of Vudu Box, the users can get the access to watch videos and pictures on other sites like Flickr and Picasa; also they can get to play games. Internet applications on Vudu contain access to Television shows that are high on demand, also some of which are available in HD. Brightcove, another online company that tied up with Vudu, brought ad supportive content on the Vudu Box. Sony music videos were the first application to tie up with this venture via MyPlay service.

There is a lot to talk about Vudu and its availability on various platforms. The apps are available on Apple Store, Google Play Store. Movies can be sent using Chromeast integration or can be streamed to the device itself.

Search plays a major part for many apps for the users to search for the content. Vudu app has multitude ways for users to search for the movies with the help of name of the film or the name of the director. The search option is categorised using genres and critic’s ratings, release dates, also if the movies are made available for purchase or not. Similar to IMDb, Vudu app links the director and the other cast making the search easy for the user.

VUDU Movies and TV app download do not require any subscriptions or signup. It allows you to download videos offline and watch them later. You can also download World Warfare game.

Download VUDU Movies and TV APK

What’s new in VUDU Movies and TV Apk V

  • You can download rentals and can watch offline
  • Get Blu-ray and DVD right in the app

Features of VUDU Movies and TV APK for Android

  • Watch more than 10,000 movies and lot many TV Shows
  • Download videos offline and watch them when you want
  • You can search movies in the app
  • It allows you to watch TV Shows on the next day
  • Watch all the latest movies
  • No subscriptions  and no signup