Subway Surfers APK Download on Android

Download Subway Surfers APK in your android and enjoy the running. You need to dash as fast as you can and keep on collecting the coins. Subway Surfers for Android allows you to keep on running and you would cross trains coming on your way.

You are supposed to collect some powers on your way. You will enjoy the game and have an excellent gaming experience. Try Similar games like Clash of Clans and PokeVison.
Subway Surfers apk

Subway Surfers app download allows you to enjoy the colorful and good looking graphics. Keep on running as fast as you can, else the police will catch you. Subway Surfers app free download has quick swiping gestures.

  • Subway Surfers 1.67.0
  • Download Subway Surfers APK V 1.63.0

Subway Surfers APK for Android

  1. Run as fast as you can
  2. Collect coins on the track
  3. Ballot boxes are available on the tracks, and it has prizes
  4. Unlock the majestic Eagle board
  5. Win weekly hunt prizes
  6. Escape from the police running behind you
subway surfers Android game

subway surfers Android game

What’s new in Subway Surfers Apk V 1.63.0?

  • Washington D.C. has been added to Subway Surfers world tour
  • Add hip urbanite, Lauren to the crew of your character
  • You can unlock majestic Eagle board
  • Festive tally outfit has been added
  • Collect ballot boxes on the track and win prizes.
  • Latest updated version of the subway.

Let us know If you need ant Subway Surfer Updates.