SHAREit App/Apk Download For Android

Have you ever come across the need for sharing photos, files, application files and anything with another device? Normally, what we do in this situation is turn ON the Bluetooth and share data with the instrument. But, how long does it take? It takes much time to share files across devices through Bluetooth. But, why to waste time, when there is an easy and faster way to share files across devices. Yes, you heard it right. SHAREit app for Android allows you to share files easily and in the faster way to share files across other devices.

shareit app download

SHAREit is available from Google Play Store. But, sometimes if our internet is slow or your device runs out of memory, then you cannot download applications from Google Play Store. Then, you need to download the apk from the official sources and install apk files on your Android device. In this tutorial, I will let you know about SHAREit app download for android and SHAREit apk free download for android from official sources.

SHAREit App Download For Android

There are many sources to download apk files, but not all are genuine. Some can introduce a virus into your device, and that is sad to think. In this article, I will let you know two official sources to download SHAREit apk for Android. I always advise you to scan the downloaded apk file before installing it on your Android device.

SHAREit apk free download

Visit download to the website and search for SHAREit. Then from the results click SHAREit and download the SHAREit apk for free. To reduce the work for you, I am providing you the direct link to download SHAREit apk without searching. Just visit download to and click on “Download APK” button. This downloads SHAREit apk to your PC. Once scan the apk file, copy to your Android device and install SHAREit apk on your Android device.

Second website to download SHAREit apk for Android

Second genuine site to download SHAREit apk is Evozi’s apk downloader. Follow these steps to download SHAREit apk,

  • First, visit Google Play Store and search for SHAREit app.
  • Select SHAREit and copy the URL from the address bar to download Shareit app.
  • Now, visit Evozi’s apk downloader and paste the copied URL in the text box provided and hit enter.
shareit apk for android
  • It generates the apk file and to download click on green colored button.
shareit apk free download for android

This website fetches the SHAREit apk file from the Google Play Store, so it is the genuine source. But always scan the apk file before installing it on your Android device.

These are the two best sources to download SHAREit apk for Android. If you have anything to add, please do share with us through comments. Visit our Fount home page for more tips.