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PokeWhere Live Radar for GO APK V 2.3.2 Download For Android

PokeWhere Live Radar for GO for Android allows you to find Pokemon near your area. Just tap on the location button and it scans the entire area and shows all Pokemon characters available in your location. It not only shows Pokemon available in your area but also shows how long they will be available before disappearing.  Download PokeWhere Live Radar for GO APK for android and catch all your Pokemon near your area.

PokeWhere Live Radar for GO app free download usage is very simple. User Interface is very easy to understand and just a tap is needed to start automatic localisation to show available Pokemon near your surroundings. PokeWhere Live Radar for GO app download allows you to tap on a region and zoom in to find Pokemon available particularly in that place.

What’s new in PokeWhere Live Radar for GO Apk V 2.3.2?

  • You can see the time for how long Pokemon will be available
  • Zoom into particular region

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PokeWhere Live Radar App For Android

  • It shows all available Pokemon characters near your area
  • Start automatic localisation by just a tap on the location button
  • Know how long the Pokemon will be available before they disappear
  • Zoom into particular region to find Pokemon available in that region
  • Drag your fingers over the map to see any region
  • It allows you to do anything as you do in regular map

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