Best Pokemon Live Map Tracking Apps & Websites

Pokemon Go has become the favorite game in recent days. People are supposed to walk around to catch Pokemon. But, if you are trying to get more and out of Pokemon Go, then this article is for you. There are various websites and apps, which help you to find Pokemon using Pokemon Go live map.

These sources show you the Pokemon and their available time so that you can for and search Pokemon without moving from your place. Some websites and apps allow you to search Pokemon in a particular location which can be done by typing that location. Let us look at the list of websites and apps which show maps of the Live Pokemon.

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websites and apps for Pokemon Live Go Map

Pokemon Go Trackers, Apps & Websites

Walking around to find Pokemon, PokeStops, Gyms and more might be time taking. You also need to walk a lot to catch Pokemon. I will let you know the best apps and websites which allow you to find Pokemon using Pokemon Go Live Map. So, here we go!

Pokemon Go Live Tracking Maps List to Catch Pokemon

Try all of them and let us which one is working & which one do you love most. Don’t forget to share working App with other Pokemon Go Lovers. Try out the top 5 Pokemon Go tracking Apps.

  1. PokeWhere Live Radar Download
  2. PokeMesh Real Time Map Apk Download.
  3. PokeDetector Apk Download.
  4. PokeRadar App Download.
  5. Pokemon Emerald Download

PokeRadar: PokeRadar is the Pokemon Go Live Map which shows pins and Pokemon available. Pins shown on the map means that Pokemon found there by someone, and they dropped the pin in that location. Trainers are using the number of pins to determine the Pokemon.

Pokecrew: Pokecrew shows you all available Pokemon in your area. It also allows you to search based on the location precisely. The good thing about Pokecrew is that it shows Pokemon based on type and number. It also demonstrates the time for which Pokemon will be available before it disappears.

  • Pokefind:  Pokefind shows Pokemon around your area same like other Pokemon finders. But, the most interesting feature of Pokemon is you can sort Pokemon based on types. Apart from showing Pokemon Go Live Map, it shows the CP (Combat Power) you would get once Pokemon gets evolved using evolution calculator.
  • Pokemapper: Pokemapper is the crowdsourced Pokemon Go Live Map developed by OpenRide. It shows Pokemon which was marked by the people when they find it. So, Pokemon shows in Pokemapper is the one characterized by individuals when they find it. There are chances that another Pokemon may find there.
  • PokeMap for Pokemon Go: PokeMap shows you all Pokemon available. It shows you the Pokemon Go Live Map, and you can filter based on location. You can zoom in and zoom out of the live map of Pokemon Go to catch Pokemon accurately.
  • Map Pokemon:  Map Pokemon shows Pokemon, PokeStops, and Gyms. These are the one which is marked by the people, and this Pokemon Go Live Map is another crowdsourced project. Everything shown here can be voted as real or fake so that it maintains accuracy. It also shows the IP Address of the poster to avoid spamming.
  • FastPokeMap: FastPokeMap allows you to enable the location when you first open the website, then it shows all Pokemon which you can catch near your area. It also has the location tracker and also the spinner which allows you to refresh the Pokemon Go Live Map to watch Pokemon.
  • PokeLive: PokeLive is another best website to find Pokemon. It not only shows Pokemon nearby but also allows you to filter based on the city. You can even zoom on the map to look for particular Pokemon, and you can catch it by reaching the correct location.
  • Pokeflex:  Pokeflex is said to be one of the best Pokemon trackers. It shows you some locations, or you can go to any site to find Pokemon.

Apps to Find Pokemon

Till now we have seen the list of websites which helps us to find and catch Pokemon. Now, let us look at apps to find Pokemon.

  • Poke Map for Pokemon Go

Poke Map for Pokemon Go allows us to share the location of the Pokemon with other players all over the world. This would help other players to find and catch Pokemon when they reach the same position. It is all about catch Pokemon together.

  • Poke Radar for Pokemon Go

Poke Radar app shows you the Pokemon around your area. You can just launch this app, and it shows you the Pokemon Go Live Map showing Pokemon on the map. It also has the interesting feature that it allows you to chat with other players and catch Pokemon together.

Poke Detector shows you Pokemon available for picking. It also lets you know when Pokemon you are looking for is available. It also allows you to filter Pokemon based on type. It also sends you a notification on Android wear.

  • Pokefind

Pokefind allows you to catch Pokemon in real time. It means that it shows the Pokemon which is available right now and not old data. It also shows you the time at which Pokemon will be disappeared so that you need to reach the location in time to catch Pokemon.

  • RazerGo

RazerGo allows you to chat with your fellow trainers to catch Pokemon. It also lets you take help from trainers to protect your Gym. RazerGo also allows you to chat and catch Pokemon and become the Pokemon Go companion.

  • Go Radar Live Map for Pokemon Go

Go Radar is said to be the assistant for Pokemon Go. It allows you to find Pokemon of any type and location. You can get notified when Pokemon of the kind you want is going to evolve readily for you to catch it.

  • GoSnap

GoSnap allows you to upload photos of locations and Pokemon found in the place. People can get the location and add it to the map, and they can also add hashtags. This can be said as the Instagram for Pokemon Go.

Here is the list of websites and apps you can use for Pokemon Go Live Map to catch Pokemon. If you have anything to add, please do share with us through comments.