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Pokemon Go game has become much popular, and it does not require any introduction. People are on their way to catch as many Pokemon as they can whenever they get the time. There are many supporting apps from Pokemon Go users to help them in catching Pokemon in their surroundings. If you get any Errors with Pokemon Go, then do check out this simple guide to fixing PokeMon Camera Problems.

Pokemon Go is an interesting game which links the digital world and real world. Niantic Company developed this game, and it was a huge hit when it got released, and it is still the same till date. In this, I will let you know how PokeDetector APK for Android which allows you to catch Pokemon nearby you.

PokeDetector APK Download

PokeDetector Apk Free Download For Android

PokeDetector APK sends you the notifications to your device when there is Pokemon nearby. There are other apps, which show Pokemon on the device. So, when using those apps, you need to watch your device every time. With PokeDetector App APK you can have your device in the pocket, and it sends you notifications when it detects any Pokemon around you. It works well with Android mobiles and a wearable device.

Additional Information:

  • File Size: 9.72 MB
  • Recently Updated Version: 1.1.2
  • Required Android Version: Android 4.1 and more
  • Developer: PokeDetector
  • Tags: PokeDetector Free Download, PokeDetector For Android.

You can filter notifications based on Pokemon you want. If you want to set notifications only for certain type of Pokemon, then you can have settings in such a way. For premium users, there is an option to set the particular sound for different notifications. PokeDetector helps you to find any Pokemon and increase your points as well.

Features of PokeDetector 1.1.2 APK

  • It sends notifications when if detects Pokemon around you.
  • It works well with mobiles and wearable devices.
  • Works well while you are walking and running.
  • Filter Pokemon you want.
  • Allows you to set notifications only for particular type of Pokemon.
  • Vibration mode is also available.
  • PokeDetector App Download on Android.

Download PokeDetector 1.1.2 APK


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