Pixel Launcher APK Download For Android

Pixel Launcher for Android gives the best home screen experience for Pixel and Pixel XL phones released by Google. If you want to get the personalized information from Google, then you just need to swipe.

Download Pixel Launcher APK and personalized information by Google is just a swipe away.Pixel Launcher app free download allows you to see Google Cards, news, and more information by just swiping to the right. Swipe to the top to see a list of apps from A to Z.

Pixel Launcher app download allows you to have the quick access from the home screen. Long-press on app shortcuts to open them or can even place them where you want on the home screen.

There is this new layout in the Pixel that brings out the search bar, which was removed in the previous versions. The news is that this will be added at some point of time for sure and I personally go for the Launcher design, that is planned to launch earlier this year and I think it is not only me that who want to see the design back here on the Pixel Search bar. This has the faster access to the home screen. In order to do this, all you need to do is to press on the optionof app shortcuts to open them or place them in your desired place where it is previously mentioned.

In case, you want to try for yourself, there are some users that have reported that the clearing up the App data for the purpose of Pixel Launcher can cause a move to the new design, but always remember that this can move your screen layouts a lot to a whole new level.


Download Pixel Launcher APK

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What’s new in Pixel Launcher Apk V 7.1.1-3359438?

  • Shows weather on the top right corner of your current location
  • Wallpaper picker visual refresh
  • Presentation of new circular folder
  • Shortcuts added to long press of supporting apps
pixel launcher

Features of Pixel Launcher for Android

  • Swipe right to see information from Google, Google Cards and news
  • Swipe up on the favourites bar on the bottom to find all applications
  • From primary home screen, quickly access Google
  • App suggestions
  • Long press on the apps to go where you want and place it where you want on the home screen
  • Weather is shown on the top right corner of your current location

There seems to be a new search bar for Pixel that is being considered as the exclusive one to each other for the conventional bar. The bar has now come up with the width of the Pixel’s screen instead of the rectangular shape, which is used in the present version. This is, notably the best of the useful for weather/date widget that was one of the unique features of the Pixel a few previous versions of the Nexus devices. However, finally, it is the option of the users to prefer their apps according to their design.

Of course, this is not the first time we see an oblong search bar, but there was another one that came up in the month of November with the features like featuring button with a voice search option making it easy to search with just a note of a voice. This can be done by pressing and holding the button quickly activating the assistant. A note on this is that Google no longer can see this as a need for dual functionality for Google in the upcoming versions of the Pixel. But still, we are not sure about the new updates. Because, anything can be happened according the tastes of the users, whcih means, they keep changing.