Musixmatch – Lyrics & Music APK Download For Android

Musixmatch Lyrics & Music for Android shows you lyrics of every track you play. Now, you can find lyrics of any music played on Spotify, YouTube, Google Play Music, Pandora, Sound Cloud and more.

Download Musixmatch Lyrics & Music APK for Android and enjoy the real time lyrics and song translations on the go. Musixmatch Lyrics & Music app free download lets you see lyrics by tapping on the actual time notification.

Translating lyrics is what we do when we go to listen to a new song in a language that we don’t understand. Musixmatch is one such app, that allows you do know the lyrics while playing the songs simultaneously. You can also do this while watching videos on YouTube.

You can even translate the lyrics to whatever language you want. Musixmatch Lyrics & Music app download allows you to share your favourite lyrics using Lyrics Card feature. You can preview songs or can watch find YouTube videos. Also, try Vudu Movies App on Android Phones.

Musixmatch is one such app that allows the users to go through the lyrics while listening to the songs on video streaming websites like YouTube. On this app, you can search for the translations of the lyrics and the meaning in it, in the language you want. This is considered to be the world’s largest platform in lyric sites. Lyrics are shared by the users of the app. If you are regular and want to update lyrics of a song that you don’t find, you can simply do it here. You are allowed to do this, and this is one of the reasons why most of the people go for this particular site in giving lyrics. According to the site, there are more than 60 million users, 15 million lyrics and with 30 employees working on the app. With less number of employees working on the app, this one app is considered as one of the top most sites in the world in the genre of lyric sites. You can just download the app and go through the song or the lyrics that you want.

This app is applicable for various platforms like Android, iOS on various devices like phones, tablets and wearables. This app has the speciality to display synchronised lyrics that can be viewed when the music is being played. This is an option which can bear the ability to scan all the songs in the music library in the search option and give you the song that you are searching for.

Coming to the Android platform, it supports the streaming services like Spotify, Google Play Music, Rdio, Deezer, Rhapsody and many other lyrics which can be seen popping up or floating on the application.


Download Musixmatch APK

What’s new in Musixmatch Lyrics & Music Apk V 6.5.0?

  • Get recognised for your favourite lyrics
  • Translate lyrics easily
  • One tap to do edit, sync or translate lyrics

Features of Musixmatch Lyrics & Music APK for Android

  • Find lyrics of any song easily
  • It supports any streaming service like Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, Google Play Music and more
  • Share your favourite lyrics using LyricsCard feature
  • Translate lyrics on the fly
  • You can play, pause and skip lyrics from the lock screen itself
  • Quickly find all your favourite lyrics on your profile

The option for which the company was popular for was, the lyrics on Spotify Lyrics used to display on the User Interface of the Spotify Desktop for a long time. When Musixmatch have decided to discontinue the service for Spotify, it has let its users know that they have to let the users connect the account on the Spotify app to Musixmatch’s Mobile app.