MARVEL Tsum Tsum APK Download For Android

MARVEL Tsum Tsum for android allows you to assemble Marvel superheroes. Just team up and battle with super villains. Do not think it as a shooter or fighting game, it is really a very cool game.

Marvel has got the copyrights on many superheroes on whom many films were made and many more to come in the coming days. Also, they have been successful all over the world and playing them in our control and making them with the way we want is some great fun.

Marvel Tsum Tsum is a mobile game that is available for both the Android and iOS devices in their app stores. You can find them if you are keen to play this exciting game. It was initially released in Japan back in 2016 and it famous worldwide.

If you are new to this game of Tsum Tsums, let me remind you that it was first released in japan in the form of stackable plushes and within no time, thanks to its popularity, it was quickly turned into a mobile game with many characters from Disney.

Later came Marvel with their Tsum Tsum plushes that debuted in US and thereafter grown by including the comic book mini-series and now it is one of those games where anyone who are familiar with the character of Marvel can get addicted playing it.

In this game, Tsum Tsum is a small character icon that you can see on your game screen and the aim is to clear them as soon as possible to earn coins and points. To play them, you need to clear the Tsums by swiping a character that you can see which are next to each other. If you could be able to connect three or more Tsums, then the tsums will be cleared by lifting them.

It means, the more you move the chain, the high is the chance of scoring high with the amount of coins you earn by playing them. Unlike the other tsum tsum games, Marvel game gives you a series of missions to take part in. They are all divided into stages where in each stage, there is a themed location like in the Marvel comic or cinematic universe.

Marvel Tsum Tsum is designed in such a way that it is filled with the Marvel Heroes and Villains that adds missions and battles that are not found in the original game to give it an unique Marvel Fair.

You need to connect similar Tsum Tsum and they get erased. MARVEL Tsum Tsum app free download allows you to team up with your friend and win over super villains. Without any delay go ahead and download MARVEL Tsum Tsum apk for android. I recommend you to play Warfare Game on Android Phone.

In order to play this amazing game, you need to download it which is available for free on both Android and iOS and gain the points. The additional features available in the make you to stick to the game with the kind of features it has.

Download MARVEL Tsum Tsum apk for android and defeat superheroes to win. You can play the game in battle mode and stage mode. MARVEL Tsum Tsum app download allows you to detonate bombs and clear all similar Tsum Tsum to win over superheroes.

Download MARVEL Tsum Tsum APK

What’s new in MARVEL Tsum Tsum Apk V 2.2.0?

In the new update of Marvel Tsum Tsum Apk V 2.2.0, the changes that are made as follows.

  • Upcoming event has been added
  • Language toggle feature has been added
  • Stage 12 was added
  • To be released Tsum Tsum was added
marvel tsum tsum apk

MARVEL Tsum Tsum APK for Android

  1. Connect two or more similar Tsum Tsum and erase them
  2. Team up with your friends and win over superheroes
  3. Battle mode and stage mode are available
  4. Language toggle feature is available