LastPass Password Manager APK Download for Android

We all have social media accounts, and each of the accounts has a different password. Some people follow the pattern, and there would be a small difference in the password which varies for every account, such that it would be easy to remember and there would be no issue to log in. But, if the list increases then it would become a problem to remember the login credentials, and it would throw us into a mess. LastPass Password Manager for Android allows you to secure all passwords with one single password. It is like a unique password for all your passwords.

LastPass Password Manager APK Download for Android

LastPass Password Manager APK Download for Android

LastPass Password Manager allows us to use one password to save all passwords. It syncs with all devices, and you can use LastPass Password Manager to log in and auto fill login details. It is very secure as there will not be any way to steal the password. While logging in to any website, you can use the LastPass Password Manager for login credentials. Only you know the master password, and there is no way to lose your passwords. LastPass Password Manager also allows you to generate secure passwords for any website.

Additional Information

  • File Size: 9.1 M
  • Package Name : com.lastpass.lpandroid
  • Current Version: 4.0.52
  • Required Android Version: 4.0 and up
  • Developer: LastPass
  • Rating: 4.6/5

LastPass Password Manager allows you to save notes, credit cards, and debit cards. It also supports insurance and health cards. Photo Vault allows you to save notes and photos which you do not want to get disclosed to others easily. It also allows you to save audio notes. Data Manager allows you to save and secure passwords in secure folders. You can differentiate into categories like shopping, social and more.

Features of LastPass Password Manager APK for Android

  • It has Finger Scan Lock
  • One master password to store all passwords
  • Log in to any website using LastPass Password Manager
  • Secure Vault and Photo Vault allows you to secure your passwords
  • You can share password with your friends and family members whom you trust
  • LastPass can be used as a password generator
  • You can sort into categories like Shopping, Social and more
  • Save credit cards, debit cards, insurance cards and health cards

Download LastPass Password Manager

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