JioSecurity APK Download For Android

If you want to secure your mobile and want to be safe while browsing online, then download JioSecurity for Android. JioSecurity app for Android scans every app you download and warns you when you open any malicious website.

Download JioSecurity APK in Android and you can store all your files in your mobile safely. JioSecurity is an award winning Anti-Virus for your mobile. Go ahead and download it. JioSecurity app free download allows you to find your lost devices.

You can use the same Jio ID with ten devices, and all these devices are secured. JioSecurity app download allows you to be safe from leaking your personal information, slowing your device and excessive battery use and data. JioSecurity allows you to lock and delete the data from mobile when it lost.

Even if you think it is lost, there is no reason for you to worry about it. It could be available on the cloud of Jio if you have updated your cloud option. Jio Cloud works just like other apps. All you need a single login. There is the same login option for all the apps in Jio. You can lock up the data or set it free confidently, thanks to the Jio security service that’s being provided by default along with the help of the app. Anyways, moving on to the details of the app available.

Download JioSecurity APK

What’s new in JioSecurity Apk V

  • Improvements to locate device
  • Bug Fixes
  • Logo Change
Jiosecurity download

JioSecurity APK for Android

  • Scans every app downloaded and also examines present in SD Card
  • Protects you from accessing malicious websites
  • Keeps all your confidential information safely.
  • Awarded as one of the best Anti-Virus
  • You can locate the lost mobile and can erase data in it
  • Protect up to 10 mobile devices

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There will be a lot of stuff that is being shared with you on your device like email, bank info, passwords, personal messages, contact details. All this can be protected with the help of Jio Security. This anti-virus and award winning app are powered by Norton Mobile Insights protect, and it will be protecting your device 24×7, all the time.

The security tools used in Jio are helpful in identifying the dangerous sites and apps. They won’t allow the apps to download without a proper scan. It can identify the malicious links and websites that enter your device and alert you stopping them. It acts as a perfect security for your device. The virus protection of Jio can stop leaking your personal information and content, excess usage of data and battery that can damage your device in the long run and slow performance in the device.
Also, it helps you getting back your device if it goes missing. It lets you send a text like ‘scream’ alarm if it gets misplaced as soon as it into the hands of someone else. You can easily lock or locate the place of your device to the location where it is being stolen by locking remotely with the help of a text or with the help of a browser. You can also erase your data if necessary. This whole security process helps you with the digital experience go smooth.
To active all the features in the security, all you need to do is to install the Jio apps on your device, and you can be worry free about the apps that are being used in the SIM. This is because of the security that is being used in the app that locks up the malicious data and keeps your device safe.