JioCloud APK Download For Android Updated Version

Are you worried about losing your important files? If you are a Jio user, then JioCloud for Android is the best solution for you. It allows you to upload all your files, photos, videos and everything to JioCloud and no worry of losing them again.

Download JioCloud APK in Android uses the secure online storage to store all your files and access them from anywhere with your Jio ID. JioCloud app free download allows you to organise all your files and sort them based on file types. You can sync your files across all devices.

JioCloud app downloads automatically backup all your files to JioCloud. You can share files with the secured link with others who do not even have a Jio account. JioCloud allows you to sync all your files with the new phone. You can download more Android Games Here.

Cloud storage is the best one when compared to the other temporary storage places where the guarantee for the privacy of the data is not given. While speaking about the storage, like said above, Jio has got its own space for storing the data. Using this you can easily send your files to the cloud and access them from anywhere with your Jio account. This is kind of similar to that of Microsoft One Drive. This is the same thing that is done when the data need to be sent to the cloud, it is sent and can be accessed from anywhere.  The new JioCloud Apk V 15.1.145 is used to store the data in your device and then you can send it to the cloud, which means you can access it from anywhere.

Download JioCloud APK

What’s new in JioCloud Apk V 15.1.145?

  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Improvements Fixes

Features of JioCloud APK for Android

  • Automatically backup all your files to JioCloud
  • You can share files and folders with the secure link even with those who do not have Jio account
  • Syncs data across all your devices and can access from anywhere
  • Organise photos, music, videos and more
  • Can categorise files based on file types
  • You can restore all your data from JioCloud in new phone

Whenever you need a backup of your services, this is cloud comes into action. Jio Cloud provides you such a backup where ever you go, you can access to the data using the cloud with the help of you login details.  Elaborating the features in the services, the data in Jio gets automatically updated, which means all the data is transferred into the cloud, making it easy for you to access.

The details of your cloud data can be shared with those who doesn’t have the access to Jio, which means who don’t have Jio accounts. Synchronisation of your data can be done from anywhere in the world, all you need is an account in Jio. Organisation of your data like Photos, Music, Videos and much more is done with an ease and the categorization of the files can be done based on the different data types. Even if you change the phone for your own reasons, you don’t have to worry about your data. Though the data is lost somewhere due to whatever the reason it is, there will always be a cloud back-up for the data you have. This is where JioCloud backup comes into action for the user without the fear of losing the data.

This JioCloud Apk helps you in downloading the cloud and letting you use the benefits of the cloud data for your account. This is all done without any cost of amount from your account. Yes, you read it right. All it takes is a simple click to upload or automatic upload if you have turned the option on.