Ingress APK V 1.107.0 Download For Android

Ingress for Android is from Niantic who is the developer of Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go game uses some of the locations marked in Ingress. Download Ingress apk for Android allows you to form them team and save the world from the mysterious energy. The game starts with scientists discovering some energy substance, and you need to build the team to find the source and control it. Download the great Geometry Dash Apk Game.

Download Ingress APK V 1.107.0

What’s new in Ingress Apk V 1.107.0?

  • In Ingress APK V permission for raw GPS access was added
  • You can access Ingress investigation from community tab

Ingress app download allows you to form the team with your friends to find the source of the mysterious energy. You need to control it; else it will control everyone which brings danger to the world. Ingress app free download lets you use all your tactics to find the source. It is an interesting game. Ingress updated version will be uploaded here.

Features of Ingress APK Download for Android

  • Discover the world using Ingress app and Android device
  • Form the team and move across the world
  • Track progress of world players
  • Powerful secrets and new levels will be unlocked daily
  • Use intelligence map to communicate with others
  • Allows you to play in groups.

Hope, you’ve successfully downloaded Ingress App.