Hike Messenger APK Download For Android

Hike Messenger for Android allows you to send messages, funny regional stickers, make voice and video calls of high quality and more. It is one of the best messengers available on the internet.

Download Hike Messenger APK and with the feature of Hike Direct, you can chat with your friends without the internet, if you friend is within 100 meters. Hike Messenger app free download allows you to send files of any size and of any type. You can even save your chats with a password and so they are safe.

Hike Messenger app download allows you to have a group chat with 1000 members and can change chat themes. Using Hike Messenger for Android, you can make a conference call with almost 100 members.

Hike Messenger was once surpassed WhatsApp in the downloads in the initial days after being founded. It is considered as one of the best competitors for WhatsApp, which is a global messenger used by the majority in the country, which was later bought by Facebook for a whopping 19 billion dollars. Coming back to the Hike Messenger, it was founded by Indians and is expected to surpass the other messengers in the market back in the time, but it could manage as one of the popular sites in the world till now. With features better than WhatsApp, it was often recognized as the complicated one with too many choices to use for the user, where as the former is pretty simple to use and is perfect to be called as a messenger.

Download Hike Messenger APK

What’s new in Hike Messenger Apk V

  • Video calling has been added
  • Shows sticker suggestions
  • See the preview of the web link
  • Bug Fixes
hike messenger

Hike App download for Android

  • Use Hike Direct to chat offline with your friends within 100 meters.
  • Lots of regional stickers are available.
  • Group chats with 1000 members
  • Send messages for free when your friend is offline
  • Set password to your chats
  • Chat themes are available
  • Can have conference calls with 100 members
  • Send large files of any type

Like said in the above paragraphs, Hike has got a various options to make the use of the messenger such as:

Stories: This is kind of a similar option to that of a Snapchat verion of stories, where the pics and status updates are shared in the name of stories are deleted after 48 hours.

Photo Editing: Here, you can edit images and add emojis, stickers, texts and much more to the options given here.

Filters: Just tap on your face when the camera is in the Selfie mode and you can utilize the filters while taking a pic instead of after taking it like in most of the apps that are available in the present generation.

Free Stickers: This is probably the only app where you can get as many stickers as you can for free and use it in the messages. Also, they are available in most of the Indian languages. Approximately, there are more than 5000 stickers available in Hike Messenger.

Hike Direct: You can share the files without internet and there will zero data charges applicable for this. You can do this being off-line. Just to the three do option and tap on Hike Direct to see the magic.

Share Documents & Files: There won’t be any use of an email when you can send everything with the help of a messenger like Hike. You can send an unlimited amount of media anon-mediadia files and documents of any forms and formats and much more!

Hike Video Calls: Like in most of the messengers, there is one to one video calling available on Hike just the tap of a button. The app also displays who is calling you before you answer.

Group Chats: This is considered as one of the most important features of any app. You can create a group of up to 1000 members and stay in touch with the people who matter you the most!

Interesting, isn’t it? What are you waiting for!? Go on downloading the app now.