Hay Day For Android Download – Hay Day Apk Update

Download Hay Day APK for Android and start farming on your android mobile or tablet. Interesting, is not it? Yes, you heard it right. You can start planting, and your crops do not need even rains to grow. Do not worry; I am talking about a game called Hay Day for Android. Download Hay Day for Android and start farming on your Android device.

Hayday for Android

Download Hay Day app free download and start using its amazing features. You can start cropping, grow your farm and start lending them to your neighbors and friends. You can even build your village by inviting visitors and making the environment more attractive.

Hay Day app download allows you to fulfill orders either by Steam Boat or by Truck. So, why delay? Go ahead and download Hay Day apk for Android and start farming on your Android device.

Welcome to Hay Day, the best and popular farming game on mobile phones, tables and it the number on game in more 122 countries.

The way to play the game is very simple. In this game, you can learn to lay the land, tend your crops, and trade the good to the neighbors and friends. This has to be special place because here, you can never see the crops die despite of raining heavily in the app. Sharing the farm with the animals makes the app and the game more fun to play.

Note that Hay Day is all free to download and install. But there are a few items within the game that can be purchased with money. If you wish to not to have this feature on the mobile phone or in the game, then you can set up a password for the protection of purchases in the settings of the Google Play Store app. Obviously, you need a network connection to do this.

While playing this game, you can grow your own farm and customize it. Make trading with the crops you do farming, the crops you made grow with all the efforts. You can do trading with the friends on the roadside of your shop in the game.

You can fulfill the orders with the truck and by the steamboat too. You will be given a dock and you can repair it, and not only that, you can lure to the fist in the waters. Not but the least, you can build your own town and welcome the visitors. You can either make only visit the town or do some trading with them with the crops in your farm.

Now you are going to download Hay day Apk 1.33.333 in the link below. In the game, learn the lay of the land for tending your crops and trade the goods with the neighbors and friends. This is the place where you can see your crops grow irrespective of the environment. Sharing the crops with the animals only makes the things more fun to play.

Download Hay Day APK

What’s new in Hay Day Apk 1.33.133?

In the new update, you can see the following changes.

  • Now Rose does not feed animals unnecessarily
  • You can welcome your neighbors
  • Ernest makes your sugar and dairy running
  • Rose and Earnest comes with their storage space

Features of Hay Day APK for Android

In brief, here are the features listed below.

  • You can grow and customize your farm
  • Fulfill orders either by truck or steamboat
  • Lend goods to your friends and neighbors
  • Welcome visitors and improve your town
  • Trade crops and earn points