Google Allo App Download For Android

Recently in Google I/O 2016 event, Google has announced the new messaging app called Allo. If you think it is the replacement of Google Hangouts, then you are mistaken.

Google Allo was developed from the scratch and is not the replacement of any existing Google Apps. Google Allo is the smart messaging app to express your views in a clean and funny way. Allo can be explained in three steps like Expression, The Google Assistant, and Security.

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It uses your mobile number to get started and if you want you can use your Google account, but it is not mandatory. With Google Allo, you can start the conversation with contacts in your mobile. When the app is installed from Google Play Store, it asks to access the contacts in your list and you have to allow it to access the contacts in order to sync the app with the app.

Google Allo App Download

Download Google Allo App

You can download Google Allo app from Google Play Store. But, as of now, it is not officially released by Google, so you cannot see the “Install” button there. But, you can pre-register for the Allo app from the Play Store, such that it will be installed right in your Android device once Google releases it to the Play Store.

Express Yourself Using Google Allo

Google Allo has an interesting feature called “WhisperShout”.  Now, there is no need to use CAPS LOCK to express your feeling. Type the text and slide down and slide up the send button to make the text small (whisper) and big (shout) respectively before you send. This is really an interesting feature of Google Allo and no need to use Caps Lock.

whispershoout in google allo app download

Allo allows you to ink on the image and send it. You can write on the image and send it in the conversation. Google Allo allows you to respond with lesser typing using the smart replies. When someone asked you anything, it shows you the suggestions to reply. Yes, you heard it right. Google Allo App for Android.

These suggestions were building based on your previous replies. The more you use Allo, the smarter the suggestions are. It looks confused in the beginning when you are using the app to get an assistance from Allo, but you will get over it as you keep using it.

smart replies in Google Allo

Allo uses machine learning. When you send any picture, it identifies the object in the image and suggests you the smart replies. This is really one of the interesting features of Google Allo and it is all done using the machine learning. Allo App free Download.

The Google Assistant with Google Allo

With the integration of Google Assistant with Google Allo, you can make use of context and do everything without leaving the chat. For example, if you want to book a table for dinner, you can do that simply from the chat using the OpenTable. Normally, you would leave the chat; search for nearby restaurants and then book the table. This entire process can be done right from the chat without leaving the app using Google Assistant with Allo.

make reservation using Google Allo

You can even start the conversation with the Google bot from Allo just by typing “@google” and can ask anything you want. This helps you to get replies based on the context and no need to type everything.

Incognito Mode in Allo

Entire conversation in Google Allo is end to end encrypted. If you want, you can even start the conversation in incognito mode. You can even the expiry time to get these messages deleted from the conversation. So, your conversation is secure and can make use of Incognito mode.

This is all about Google Allo app download. If you have anything to add, please do share with us through comments.