Field Trip APK V 2.0.9 Download By Ninatic

Field Trip for android allows you to guide hidden and cool things around you in the world. You are no more a stranger in any place in the world using Field Trip on your android device.  Field Trip app download shows you all the details from the history to the latest regarding locations. Field Trip runs in the background on your phone and it pops up the card showing the details of your location and every object which has an importance.

Download Field Trip APK V 2.0.9

What’s new in Field Trip Apk V 2.0.9?

  • Now you can explore the world with your Android Wear Watch
  • Receive Field Trip notifications on your Android Wear Watch
  • It allows you to search Field Trip nearby cards in your Android Wear Watch

Download Field Trip apk in your android device and it will show you all details regarding any location. It also shows you what and where to eat when you reach any location. Field Trip app free download will be the best guide and you will not feel like you are new to ay place. If  you have Bluetooth or headset connected to it, then it even reads out for you.

Features of Field Trip APK for Android

  • Field Trip shows details as cards about any location
  • It shows where to eat based on your location
  • Shows all data from history to latest when you reach the location
  • It runs in the background and no need of any click
  • You can capture your memory and share on any social media
  • You are no more a stranger in any place with Field Trip