Facebook Lite Apk Download For Android Updated Today !!

Facebook allows us to stay updated and connected with our friends and family. It’s very easy now to talk with somebody no matter; he lives in any place in the world. But, even Facebook requires the internet connection and a good internet speed.

Although most of the people today have their own Wi-Fi and using a good internet connection there are still many people out there who can’t use the internet and Facebook because of the slow internet. Many individuals don’t have any connection to the web.

However, no internet something and slow internet is something else. The slow internet doesn’t allow you to use Facebook and especially its mobile app smoothly. Facebook Lite app apk download.

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Facebook Lite APK Download for Android

Previously, Facebook was available to the only desktop with the website itself, but a few years back when they launched the mobile app on Facebook, it was pretty popular then. So, previously you can’t use the Facebook mobile app on a slow internet connection. But many of us live in a slow internet area that’s why Facebook recently launch something called Facebook Lite.

Facebook Lite is nothing but the lite version of the Facebook app its size is the only 1mb, and it will fit in any little memory device. Also, Facebook Lite is very useful and ideal for the people who have a slow internet connection. Facebook Lite allows people use Facebook smoothly even on a slow internet speed.


Facebook Lite is available for Android; this means Facebook Lite can be installed on your Samsung Galaxy s dues, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S Duos 3 and other Android devices. Facebook Lite can be fitted to each and every Android device.

So, now with Facebook Lite, you can easily stay updated with your friends, even on a slow internet connection. With Facebook Lite, you can receive notification, see news feed updates and send messages and do all the stuff what you normally do on Facebook. At first, Facebook Lite has been released in Asia at present and later it will be launched in other places.

Facebook Lite App Download, Facebook Lite APK Free Download

Now you may want to download Facebook Lite for your Android device. It’s better to use Facebook Lite instead of the regular Facebook app. You can easily download the app by going to Google Play Store (Facebook Lite link) from your Android device itself and click on install, after that you need to accept the terms and conditions and Facebook Lite will be installed on your device within some minutes. Because its very light weight, it won’t take as much time as it takes when you are downloading WhatsApp from Google play. You can try this method, but if you do so, you may face some problem. So, which problems you can face. You can check below.

  • 1> Whenever you download something from Google play there is a possibility that you’re downloading will not complete.
  • 2> If you download something from Google play, then the app is directly installed on your phone that means you don’t have any Apk file which you can use to reinstall the app on your phone.
  • 3> Also the downloading speed of Google play store can be slow sometimes which is very irritating.

So if you want to avoid these situations, then as an alternative to the Google play downloading method you can use any of the following methods described below. Using any alternate method for downloading Facebook lite for android will save your lot of time because you will get good download speeds, and also you will be downloading the Apk (installation file for Android apps) file so you can install that app again from the file itself. Below you can see three methods for downloading Facebook Lite, check the process below. Facebook App Download is free.

Steps to install downloaded Facebook Lite Apk on your android device

If you download the Apk file, try to install that on your device then you might face error. To avoid that you must follow the steps mentioned below to install any Apk file which is downloaded from other places rather than Google play. Follow the steps mentioned below. Download Facebook Lite app for free.

  • Step 1: Open “Settings” on your Android device by clicking on the Settings icon from the menu
  • Step 2: Now under settings tap the “Security” tab
installed downloaded from unknown sources
  • Step 3: In “Security” you need to look for “Unknown Sources”. By default you will see that this option is disabled, all you need to do is enable it.
  • Step 4: After you turn the “Unknown Sources” on, you are ready to go. Now you can install any Apk file on your Android device. You don’t need to do anything else.

Features of Facebook Lite Apk for Android

Facebook Lite has some great features you can check the below.

  • 1. Facebook Lite provides all the features provided in the normal Facebook app
  • 2. With Facebook Lite you can access Facebook and all of its features even on a slow internet connection.
  • 3. You can create groups, pages, share and upload photos.
  • 4. Just like the normal Facebook app, Facebook Lite also allows you to send a message to your contacts and do chat with friends.
  • 5. Facebook is only 1MB in size, which will save your internet bandwidth and phone memory.
  • 6. Facebook allows you to do pretty much everything that you can do with the regular Facebook app.

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